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GISTFLASH MEDIA: Learn more about Gistflash Media. Grow up Brand Visibility and  Increase Sales Conversion Online

SEMAN GROUP: (Meet our Partners) In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG goal 11 and 17), we shall alleviate the issue of shelter in Nigeria. We are open to partnership/ collaboration and together we shall provide “Affordable Housing for all”.

GISTFLASH MEDIA: Our Blog covers variety of niches; Entertainment, Technology, Health, Security, Education, Social Media (SEO), Gossip, Politics, Science, Opinions, Hot News, Fashion, Lifestyles, Events, Economy and Inspiration

SEMAN GROUP.: Seman Gateway Estate Ugwuoba in Partnership Enugu State Housing Corporation.


SEMAN IONCARES LTD.: Alkaline Water Ionzier – Seman Ioncares product 

SEMAN IONCARES: Nuga Best Equipment – Seman Ioncares Product

SEMAN GROUP: Brief about Seman Metropolis Estate (Phase 2)  

SEMAN IONCARES LTD.: Portable Tumbler- A Tumbler that generates Hydrogen Water  

SEMAN IONCARES LTD.:Nuga Best N5 Thermal Bed Massager – Seman Ioncares Product 

DOMAK SHELTER LTD.: – 25,000 Housing scheme  

SEMAN GROUP: Infrastructural development ongoing in Seman Metropolis Estate; 💥 Drainage from the gate to bridge and still going. 💥 Over 50 Electric poles mounted from the gate down to the bridge, More poles are still coming in. Stay connected for more updates!!!

DOMAK SHELTER LTD.: The vision of Domak Garden City Karshi

SEMAN GROUP: SEMAN FOXY ESTATE, APO HILL is the investors delight because it possesses the inner-city life with close proximity to the commercial hub of Abuja and environs. We have Phase 1 and Phase 2 offering undiluted fresh environment condusive for raising perfect homes for kids. It’s one of the best locations designed for your dream home.  Hurry now the opportunity is still fresh‼️

DOMAK SHELTER LTD.: Domak Garden City Karshi- A 5 years Project plan 



SEMAN IONCARES LTD.: Overview of Seman Ioncares Services

 GISTFLASH MEDIA: The Social Media Plug-A platform where you can buy followers and subscribers for all your social media platforms

SEMAN GROUP: (Now Selling) Seman Estates 

SHABRA GROUP:  Brief on Shabra homes Estate

SEMAN GROUP: 11th Peace Ambassadors International Award. (Award Recipient)


ABIMAEL TV: A video clip capturing the various channels and programmes accessible to you when you get the HDMI Device. 



SEMAN GLOBAL PROJECT LTD.: Seman Metropolis Estate (Phase 1)

DOMAK SHELTER LTD: Interview  Session with Dr. Kingsley Azonobi

SEMAN IONCARES LTD: A documentary of the Nugabest and Ioncares gadgets.

DOMAK SHELTER LTD: Overview of the Face of Domak Project

3D / Whiteboard Animation

ABIMAEL TV: A HDMI Device that offers you all the channels in the world as well as NETFLIX. Say bye bye to monthly subscription of DSTV. 

SAFRAMIC NIG. LTD:  A real estate company that offers affordable land to other real estate developers

SEMAN GLOBAL PROJECT LTD.: A real estate company with lots of estate land scattered across Nigeria. They  buy and sell estate land.

SHABRA GROUP: A new generation conglomerate that specialize in various aspect of endeavors such as Oil and Gas, Real Estate Development and Management, Motors, Food and Farm produce, Poetry, Catering and Bakery,
Transportation, Equipment’s hiring, Textile and Fabrics etc.

SAFRAMIC NIG. LTD.: A real Estate Company with specialty in Oil and Gas, Land procurement, documentation, recertification, Clearing of Land for Building Estate, Beaconing, Erosion Management, Construction of building and Maintenance of properties. 

Seman Group: A Brief About Seman Global Project Limited.


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