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TIAS Launches Beauty Institute, offers First-Class Beauty Services And Trainings in Abuja



THE INSTITUTE OF AESTHETIC & SPA (TIAS) Now launched in Abuja, offers training to students, consultancy services, beauty and spa therapy

Mrs Tessy Tukson Dibal, Executive Director TIAS unveiled the programs and services offer by the institute on Thursday,25th March,2021 in Abuja

Dibal explains that skill development is a very powerful instrument to empower individuals recognize their potentials for this purpose TIAS is established to help actualized this vision by providing high level of quality professional beauty education and services

She emphasize that the institute offers the following training programs and certifications

.Diploma and certificate programs on Beauty therapy,

  • .Aroma therapy
  • .Cosmetology
  • .Micro blading,
  • Nail technology,
  • .Makeup Artistry
  • .Hair dressing
  • .Barbing
  • Wig making etc.


The beauty services offer by TIAS also include;

  • .Waxing
  • .Body detox
  • .Facial clean up
  • .Body treatment
  • .pedicure
  • .Manicures
  • .Breast enlargement
  • .Butt enlargement
  • .Bridal packages
  • .Cellulite treatment
  • .Fixing of nails

Traditional body treatment

(Dukham, Dilka, Diyya, Hallawa and organic herbal, cleansing services for brides )



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Prospective students are expected to visit their website or call.
07055580708, 08023390009 for more details

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CBN gets order to freeze 194 accounts in 17 banks



CBN gets order to freeze 194 accounts in 17 banks

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN has secured three separate interim orders from a Federal High Court in Abuja to freeze bank accounts linked to 194 business entities and individuals in 17 banks.

This was contained in a post by the apex bank on its website yesterday pursuant to the court order. The freeze orders were sequel to three exparte applications filed by the apex bank seeking a mandatory order of the court to ask the 17 banks to freeze the account of the business organizations and individual pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation the apex bank had initiated.

In one of the suits against Nuru Abubakar and 24 others, the court granted the request by CBN to freeze the account of the defendants in the banks for 45 days. Justice A.R Muhammed who made the order in his ruling on March 30, 2021, said: “An interim order is hereby made empowering the applicant to direct the head office of the listed banks to freeze forthwith all transactions on the bank account of the defendants for a period of 45 days pending the outcome of investigation and inquiry currently being conducted by CBN.”


In another suit filed by CBN against Sethwealth Ventures and two others, the court granted an exparte application by the apex bank to freeze 50 accounts linked to the three defendants in 13 banks. A similar order was also made in the suit by CBN against Bluebeam Capital Ltd freezing 60 accounts of the company in 13 banks.

The 17 banks affected are Access Bank, First City Monument Bank, Fidelity Bank, Sterling Bank, Keystone Bank, Providus Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Wema Bank and First Bank. Others are Guaranty Trust Bank, Ecobank Bank, Heritage Bank, Polaris Bank, Zenith Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Union Bank.

The companies affected include Bluebeam Capital Limited, Sethwealth Ventures, Seasons Bureau De Change, Lat-Ade Logistics, Sani Polo Global Investment Ltd, Saneo Global Resources Limited and Romvic Ventures Nigeria Limited.


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AGIS: Restoring confidence among property owners and land allocation processes in FCT



The Abuja Geographical Information systems (AGIS), deserves commendation under the current management for its efforts aimed at restoring property owners’ confidence in the department and ensuring corrupt free processes in land allocation in the FCT.

AGIS is the computerized land registry of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, established since 2003

The department provides a comprehensive, All-Inclusive, state-of-the-Art, computerislsed, geospatial data Infrastructure for the FCT.

AGIS is one of the major creations and legacy of Mallam Nasir El-rufai as Minister of the FCT under former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration.

The establishment of AGIS has restored confidence and added value to landed properties in the city, significantly addressing several crisis related to land scam and racketeering in the FCT.

Before now land allottees had been raising concerns following series of accusations bothering on corruption among staff of AGIS.

Some of the allegations included double allocation, theft of allocation documents, fake allocations, as well as its employees demanding for bribe before performing their statutory duties.

It is, however, worth mentioning here that the narrative is gradually changing under the current management of AGIS.

The management is therefore, working tirelessly to purge out corrupt elements from the system, as demonstrated by its current reforms.

Let me also emphasize that as a trained labour activist, as well as public affairs analyst, you cannot find me praising a particular agency or manager easily, I prefer constructive criticism to bring out perceived shortcomings and for improvement.

I therefore find some of the criticisms against AGIS, judging it based on its past management as unfair, in fact illogical.

I am a witness to the credibility, integrity and sincerity of Alhaji Ibrahim jalo-led AGIS.

Jalo has indeed shown genuine commitment and sincerity in leadership by making indelible marks in his efforts aimed at eradicating corruption in the system.

My recent encounter with AGIS has no doubt erased the negative perception of a corrupt agency that I held because of its past.

I recently had the privilege of observing the organisation closely during a fact finding mission when property documents allocated to a good friend of mine mysteriously got missing.

Also read:

My friend had applied for a land in Abuja through the AGIS, like any other Nigerian.

He paid the statutory fee and passed through every normal process to the end; patiently awaiting approval and allocation.

The land was later approved and an allocation letter released to the wrong hand as my friend was to learn later, because he was not notified.

The documents are believed to have been stolen and sold to a high profile personality in this government.

My friend only got to know when some fraudsters attempted to use his details to log into the AGIS portal.

Luckily the officer in charge was smart to dictate an anomaly and so decided to verify by putting a call through to my friend from the contact number he sourced from the initial data capture on the system.

He was to learn later that the land was allocated to him about a year ago, but he never received the documents.

He eventually visited AGIS and laid his complaint through Alhaji Adamu Jibrin, the Director land, and Malam Umar Kuso, the Head of Administration.

Both men immediately swung into action by setting up a committee to unravel the mystery behind the missing land documents.

My friend was invited and appeared before the committee for his testimony.

It was discovered during the probe that a high profile personality bought the land through a middle man fronting for yet to be identified staff of AGIS.

Unfortunately the middle man died earlier this year in a car crash, making it difficult to unmask the suspected employee who stole the documents and gave to the deceased.

It was also revealed that the buyer paid millions of naira for the land documents.

The buyer was also invited by the committee and all issues surrounding the land were laid before him.

He accepted his fate that he was scammed and promised to surrender the documents in his possession to AGIS.

Due to AGIS’ past record and experiences shared by others, my friend was worried and started loosing hope of recovering the land due to the snail speed of the probe, in spite of the committee’s promise to do justice.

I believed them and continue to encourage him to do same” trusting that the management would be just and fair on their findings.

Was hopeful of a positive outcome because a friend who works in AGIS already whispered that the current leadership had zero tolerance for corruption and was doing everything possible to purge out corrupt staff from the system.

I put a call across to AGIS and was granted appointment to meet with the Director Lands, and the Head of Admin.

My meeting with them no doubt yielded fruitful result because we had a very positive discussion which further cleared my doubts that they would be just and fair in handling the matter.

They demonstrated sterling leadership qualities by showing concern and remarkable interest to find the missing documents and prevent future occurrence of such.

The management saw me as partner in progress, not as an enemy, as we continually shared information, leading to the resolution of the issue.

After the submission of the probe committee report last week, my friend was invited and his allocation letter was handed over to him as the genuine owner without paying a dime to anyone as bribe or inducement.

I Therefore wish to call on Nigerians to always verify the position of any information before casting the stone.

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Tinubu’s colloquium: Why we must avoid war — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said Nigerians are better and stronger together in the entity called Nigeria, noting he defended the unity of the country as a soldier during the civil war between 1967 and 1970.



President Buhari urges leaders to lead by example

President Muhammadu Buhari said Nigerians are better and stronger together in the entity called Nigeria, noting he defended the unity of the country as a soldier during the civil war between 1967 and 1970.

The President spoke virtually from Aso Villa as chairman of the 12th Bola Tinubu Colloquium, “Our Common Wealth:  The Imperative of National Cohesion for Growth and Prosperity’’, to celebrate the 69th birthday of  All Progressives Congress chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, in Kano.

He spoke against the backdrop of calls by groups and individuals for secession in different parts of the country.

While the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, and other individuals and groups are calling for creation of Oduduwa or O’Odua Republic, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, as well as Niger Delta ex-,militant leader, Asari Dokubo, are agitating for a Biafran Republic.

Buhari’s declaration also came on a day Iba Gani Adams said the clamour for Oodua Republic is long overdue, adding that  the call for self-determination is a true reflection of the present mindset of all Yoruba sons and daughters in the diaspora.

Similarly, a coalition of over 174 Yoruba groups in Diaspora, Yoruba One Voice, YOV, restated its avowed commitment to the actualisation of O’odua Republic, saying the call for self-determination remains the last option for the Yoruba nation.

But the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, vowed yesterday that under his watch, the Nigerian Army will be resolute in dealing decisively with any and every threat confronting the country.

Nigerians better, stronger together — Buhari

Speaking at the colloquium also virtually attended by the Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo; House of Representatives Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila; Senate President, Ahmad Lawan; among others, whose flights to Kano were disrupted by poor weather, President Buhari said the theme of the occasion was suitable for the contemporary issue of secession and national unity in the country.

He said: “Despite occasional inter-ethnic tensions in our national history, it seems to me that we have all agreed on one point , that notwithstanding our diversity or ethnicity, culture, language and religion, Nigerians are better, even stronger together.

“Asiwaju (Tinubu) himself is a known advocate of unity and cohesion in Nigeria. This has been a constant factor in his outstanding political career from the time he served in the short-lived Senate in the Third Republic to his involvement in the struggle for the actualisation of the June 12 mandate of the late Chief MKO Abiola to his much acclaimed years of service as the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007.

“I can also relate personally to the ideals of One Nigeria. As a military officer, I have served with great comrades from all the nooks and crannies of our country.

“In the course of my career, I have also been opportuned to serve in all parts of Nigeria, seeing first-hand the enticing possibilities of a strong, united nation.

“More importantly, I fought for the unity of Nigeria during the civil war – 1967 to 1970, and I saw first-hand the unspeakable horrors of war, not just from fellow soldiers from both sides but from civilians, innocent children, women and the elderly left behind.

“As we all know, the peace-keeping recovery and reconstruction that followed could also not have succeeded under an atmosphere of inter-ethnic animosity. We must count our blessings in Nigeria and see in them the crucial factors of peace and unity.”

He said:   “By this gesture governor Ganduje has helped us to tell two stories; this is the first time that the colloquium is being hosted outside Lagos and Abuja, the capital city.

“And it is befitting that Kano should be that place, this city of radical and progressive ideas and ideologies, a city whose leading political lights have been left of centre, which is the dominant tendency within our great party the APC.

“Second, it helps us to underscore the point that this country and its people are stronger and more powerful together than apart. For the purveyors of breaking up into small components/countries, perhaps they should be reminded that we would not have been able to accept Governor Ganduje’s offer to come to Kano at short notice since we would all have needed visas to come to Kano.”

The Vice President called for a new set of Nigerians across all divides who are committed to a country operated on high values integrity, justice, love, among others.

He said:  “We believe that we now have an opportunity to increase the numbers of a new tribe of Nigerians; a tribe of men and women of all faiths, tribes and ethnicities committed to a country run on high values of integrity, hard work, justice, and love of country.

“A tribe of men and women who are prepared to make the sacrifices and self-constraints that are crucial to building a strong society; who are prepared to stick together, fight for equity, and justice side by side.

“A tribe consisting of professionals, businessmen, politicians, religious leaders, and all others who believe that this new Nigeria is possible and already we have built and are building the building blocks for this new Nigeria.”

Prof. Osinbajo extolled the leadership style of the former Lagos state governor, saying that central to that style is; first a belief that development, economic, social, political development depends on enabling a contest of ideas.

He opined that, “Whether that is within a political party or its caucuses, a cabinet meeting or even just thinking through a problem.

“By exposing his thoughts and ideas constantly to debate and contestation, he refines his views constantly and is at the cutting edge of issues as varied as artificial intelligence, vaccines, to even what sort of legal processes or arguments should be filed in a matter in court!

“I remember once when he was suggesting to me that he thought it was better that we should contest jurisdiction in a particular case and so many other times when he had introduced his own legal thoughts to a matter. I have had to keep reminding him that he is not a lawyer! And I am sure others have had to remind him several times that he is not many different things.

“Second, and perhaps more importantly, because he is not afraid of having his ideas scrutinized, criticized by even subordinates, he is able to lead a vast array of persons of strong, deeply held convictions, and a variety of ideologies.

“The third in that leadership style is that he is completely comfortable engaging across ethnic, religious, and partisan divides.

“It is his belief that national development is only possible where we, the leaders are constantly interrogating ideas, perspectives, and opinions which are what led some of us who worked with him through the years, to formalize our constant debates so that on his birthday we open up discussions on some issues or issues of national importance.”

He observed the latest Tinubu Colloquium came at a time when a combination of challenges worsened by the fallouts of a global pandemic has created a storm of socio-economic problems.

“The default mode of some at times like this is to stoke tendencies viewpoints and opinions that threaten the federation and our unity,” he lamented.

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