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‘Thomas Tuchel’ vs ‘Pep Guardiola’ : Which club gets the Title next Season?



'Thomas Tuchel' vs 'Pep Guardiola' : Which club gets the Title next Season?

The German Chelsea head coach ‘Thomas Tuchel’ has engineered two wins over Manchester City since his arrival in late January.

Thomas Tuchel is a German former professional football player and current head coach of Premier League club Chelsea. Revered for his tactical knowledge and style of play, his coaching career has also been marked by fractious relationships with his employers.

Thomas Tuchel proving his tactical acumen feels like he has a psychological edge over Manchester City  ahead of the Champions League final later this month.

Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala (Manchester City Head Coach)

The late victory for the Blues against Manchester City during the weekend match has proven more than a match for the Catalan rival ‘Pep Guardiola’ . However, It is not just the two wins over Man. City this season that has illustrated Tuchel’s managerial skills.

Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala is a Spanish professional football manager and former player, who is the current manager of Premier League club Manchester City.

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The former PSG head coach “Tuchel” developed a real reputation for his tactical acumen throughout his coaching career. Those skills have been on full display at Mainz, Dortmund and PSG before his switch to Chelsea.

In some ways, Tuchel’s tactical ability, innovative training sessions and flexibility could be compared to Guardiola’s. That is bad news for Guardiola and all the other head coaches in the English top-flight for next season.

The fact that Tuchel has already dragged Chelsea from midtable to third-place in the Premier League table and a Champions League shows just how good a head coach he is.

The effect that Tuchel has had on the current Chelsea squad in such a short time with the club is incredible. Some clubs have new manager bounce, but the Blues improvement is far more than just that. It is players buying into the ideas of a highly intelligent head coach. Chelsea might get even better with Tuchel’s tactics.

Chelsea might get even better with Tuchel’s players

It is scary to think how good Chelsea will be once the German has been allowed to bring in some of his own players. The club’s hierarchy may be responsible for recruitment, but considering the impact he has had in his short time at the club, Tuchel will certainly have a big hand in the next season. With the backing of moneybag’s club owner Roman Abramovich, the Tuchel could add to his already highly talented and squad.

When Chelsea spent big on some big-name players in the summer, some expected the Blues to mount a realistic challenge for the Premier League title. However, things didn’t quite work out under club legend Frank Lampard  before Tuchel came in to replace the former England midfielder as head coach.

Thomas Tuchel, Chealsea Head Coach

Next season is likely to be a different story for the team from south west London. Tuchel has had time to get across ideas, the Blues have built up good end of season momentum and they may yet finish the season as European champions.

The mix of the ingredients feels just right for the Blues to mount a realistic charge for the Premier League title next season. They certainly looked the best-placed team to mount any sort of challenge for the English top-flight crown. Let’s see what happens!! Will Thomas Tuchel help Chelsea to challenge Manchester City for the title next season? or Will Pep Gaurdiola retain the title next season?

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Tanzanians Petition: BET Disqualify singer, Diamond Platnumz from this year’s Awards



Tanzanians Petition: BET Disqualify singer, Diamond Platnumz from this year’s Awards

A section of Tanzanians on Twitter have launched an online petition to have singer, Diamond Platnumz disqualified from the 2021 BET Awards.

The Tanzanian music star was nominated in the best international act category alongside other African heavyweights.

The petitioners accused Diamond of  ‘actively and publicly supporting deceased Magufuli’s regime’, but remaining silent when fellow Tanzanian artists were imprisoned and abducted in 2017-2018 over video clips deemed obscene by the authorities. Over 17,000 people have signed the petition.

It read;

This is a call to BET Awards hosted and produced by Black Entertainment Television (BET) to disqualify Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is a world-renowned Tanzania music artist who used his popularity and his talent to whitewash and deodorize the brutal repression of the late dictator John Magufuli and his regime. Diamond is also a close friend and business ally of Paul Makonda the former Governor of Dar -es-Salaam who has openly persecuted and cracked down on LGBTI people. Makonda has also been designated in 2020 by the US State Department for gross violations of human rights including cracking down on freedom of expression and association.


Tanzania has suffered brutal repression and roll back of democracy since 2016 when (late) President Magufuli ascended into power. His regime curtailed democratic freedoms, basic human rights and Tanzanians witnessed never-before experienced atrocities like enforced disappearances, bodies bound and gagged washing ashore the Indian ocean, mass illegal detention of opposition politicians, critics and businessmen, crackdown on independent media, intimidation of creative people including musicians, actors and comedians. A particularly shocking event has been the brutal gunning down of opposition legislator Tundu Lissu in broad daylight. Lissu survived with 16 bullets in his body to tell his story. He is currently living in exile in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2020, Magufuli ran for re-election under his party Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) . Mr Lissu risked his life and returned to run against Magufuli under his party’s ticket – CHADEMA. The election was marred with irregularities, violence including killing of innocent civilians by forces acting for or on behalf of the regime. In the immediate aftermath of the election, Magufuli and his henchmen arrested the leaders of the opposition party and threatened them with treason charges. Some opposition leaders saw family members killed. Today several opposition leaders live in exile, while hundreds still languish in jail on trumped up charges.

Magufuli was also a rabid COVID19 denier whose repeated refusal to follow internationally accepted guidelines on prevention and treatment of COVID19 resulted in many deaths that remain undocumented to date due to the refusal of the government to publish any figures related to COVID19 since May 2020.


Diamond Platnumz’s role:

In 2016, Diamond made Paul Makonda the Patron of his music label and media company called Wasafi. Makonda has used the Wasafi Festival for publicity and to sanitize his image. Also throughout the increased level of repression when fellow artists were imprisoned and abducted Diamond remained silent. In 2017, he deliberately released a single called “Acha Nikae Kimya” (Let me remain quiet) as a response to the increasing demand from the public to speak up and condemn the crackdowns. Diamond to-date has not condemned or spoken up on any of the atrocities committed.

Diamond Platnumz is a self-avowed CCM party member and was the lead musician for the CCM campaign in 2015 and 2020. In 2020 despite a huge outcry locally and internationally against Magufuli and his regime, Diamond endorsed this brutal dictator, dedicated a song to him (“Magufuli Baba Lao”) and several times took to stage with him during campaign. In October 2020 during the #EndSARS protest in Nigeria, Diamond tweeted solidarity with Nigeria but deliberately chose to remain quiet on the atrocities happening in Tanzania during the elections.

After the BET Awards 2021 nomination for best international act, Diamond took to the media and spoke disparagingly of activists, then paid a visit to his party’s headquarters CCM whereby his nomination was hailed as some sort of achievement for the party and the nation.

Why Diamond should be disqualified:

  • Diamond Platnumz has failed to show basic concern and publicly express any solidarity with his fellow artists like Roma Mkatoliki, Nay wa Mitego and Idris Sultan who suffered at the hand of the dictator Magufuli.
  •  Diamond Platnumz chose to protect and expand his personal and business interest by praising and using his star power to soften the image of a brutal dictator and his collaborators.
  • BET awards have been always held in high esteem by many Africans for its recognition of talent of exemplary artists. The international act which was established in 2018 has consistently gone to artists who have been very conscientious and stood up for justice for African lives. Both Davido (2018) and Burna Boy (2019 and 2020) have been in the frontline at the #EndSARS protests using their star power and fame to shed light on injustice and even protect civilians from police brutality. Diamond Platnumz is a selfish, greedy opportunist and an apologist of a repressive regime who chose to deliberately turn a blind eye to atrocities and associate, praise and collaborate with renowned human rights violators like Paul Makonda and John Magufuli.

We believe that once BET independently verifies these facts, it will be clear that Diamond Platnumz does NOT deserve ANY recognition in these prestigious awards.

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Ayade’s Defection: “Gov. Ayade was not appreciated in PDP” says Speaker



Ayade's Defection: "Gov. Ayade was not appreciated in PDP" says Speaker

Speaker of Cross River House of Assembly Eteng Jonah-Williams has said that Gov. Ben Ayade was not respected and honoured by the hierarchy of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) before his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Jonah-Williams, who spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Calabar, said that Ayade’s defection from the PDP to the APC was timely.

The Speaker, who represent Yakurr II State Constiturncy in the Assembly, told NAN that out of the 25 House of Assembly members in the state, APC has 18, while the PDP has seven.

“Before the governor took the decision, he consulted widely and majority of the people told him that he needed to move to the APC.

“While in PDP, the governor was not respected and given the honour he deserved by the hierarchy of the PDP as the leader of the party in the state.

“So, there was need for him to move. The Governor has also stated clearly that he needed to align the state with the happenings in the centre for the interest of the state.

“Cross River is known for always playing politics with the centre. Since 1999, former Governors Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke all played politics from the centre.

“Ayade is the only governor from the state who has played opposition for six years now and he feels it is time to align with the centre for the benefit of the state,” he said.


He recalled that during the last ward and chapter congresses of PDP in the state, the PDP national had to recognise a list of executive members who did not even contest for the positions at the ward and chapter level.

He said that such marginalisation of key stakeholders in the state by the PDP also informed their decision to defect with the governor to the APC.

“As Speaker of Cross River House of Assembly, the ward list from my political ward that I have been winning elections with was neglected and a new list was constituted with members that I do not even know and nobody consulted me,” he said.

According to the Speaker, the remaining two years period of Ayade will attract the needed development from the centre into the state.

He gave assurance that APC will win all the elective positions in the state in the 2023 general elections in view of the governors defection to the ruling party.

“The Superhighway and the Deep Seaport will now be given utmost attention by the Federal Government and other things will also fall in place as well.

“Gov. Ayade has spent six years in office, I will advice him to consolidate on the gains of his industrial revolution in the state by completing the projects and privatising them for the future.

“The House of Assembly wants the industries that were initiated by Gov. Ayade to live beyond this administration.

“On road infrastructure, I want to specially commend the governor on the construction of the Mfom-Obanliku dual carriageway and the ongoing East-West road in Boki local government area,” he said.


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“ESN is not UNKNOWN GUNMEN! they are the Al Shabaab from Mogadishu” – Osita Nwokosisi



"ESN is not UNKNOWN GUNMEN! they are the Al Shabaab from Mogadishu" - Osita Nwokosisi

The  Eastern Security Network (ESN) have debunked the allegations of being associated with the  killings and shootings being perpetrated in South-East.

Osita Nwokosisi who identified himself as the 2nd in Command of ESN gave a statement which is trending on social media, disassociating ESN from Being tagged “the Unknown gunmen”.

Recall, the issue of insecurity in south-east is escalating day by day from Shooting policemen, Burning government structures to killing of innocent people. He also dropped some hint on the master plan of these unknown gunmen whom he claimed to be “Al Shabaab” from Mogadishu.

Read Statement Below;

“Once more my name is Osita Nwokosisi. I am now the Commander 2 of ESN. This is a clarion call to Ndigbo. In the name of God and whatever you worship I appeal to you to listen to me.

“ESN is not Unknown gunmen. We have no hands in the shootings of policemen and army officers. We have no hands in the Awkuzu killings. We did not kill anyone in Ozubulu. We cannot point a gun at a fellow Igbo. We cannot slit the the throat of women and children of any ethnic group, no matter the provocation. We are not barbaric animals! Above all, we are not criminals.

“ESN hereby disassociate ourselves from the carnage in Igbo land.

In his statement, He continued;

Who are unknown gunmen?

“The Federal government sponsored the deadly Fulani killers and the Al Shabaab from Mogadishu to cause mayhem in the South East. Their intent is to overun the Igbo nation. The South East, especially Anambra State has been surrounded by these people. They are the ones doing these shootings.

“The Governors are aware of this fact but it is too late for them to act now. A horrible genocide, never heard of in history is about to befall Ndigbo. They planted Fulani’s at the helm of the security outfits all over the South East with the mandate to fulfil their Jihadist agenda. Please investigate if you doubt.

There are 3 steps to Fulani Jihadists.

1. They disarm their victims.
2. They destroy their security network and instill fear in their victims.
3. They attack when the security is porous.

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“They have achieved number 1 when they mopped up guns in the East, leaving herders with AK47! They have achieved number 2 by maliciously shooting police, army and destabilizing ESN. They have carted away and killed countless Igbo youths right under our noses. They have totally destroyed the security in the South East. The next thing is for the Inspector General to wilfully withdraw the police and army from the South East to pave way for Fulani occupation. They will attack at any time.

“Why have they not caught these unknown gunmen?
Why do the gunmen shoot only well trained and active IGBO soldiers and policemen?
Why have they never been confronted and apprehended?
Why do they catch and slaughter vibrant Igbo youths in the name of shooting ESN members who they have never seen?
Stop the Fulani occupation of Igbo land”

“I call on all the governors and stakeholders to rise up and defend Igbo land or watch as your people are slaughtered and their corpses used as pyramids by these evil souls. Do not think you are safe from the oncoming carnage.
I call on Igbos in diaspora to help save their people or you will not have a home to come back to.
I call on the International Communities to help prevent this evil people from wiping out Ndigbo from the face of the earth.
I call on every Igbo man, woman, boy, girl to rise up and protect yourselves. Do not die like cowards. We survive by fighting these evil men to the last man. We shall not die! Igbos are no cowards. Prepare to defend yourself, your family and your community.”

Arise for Ndigbo!
Arise for AlaIgbo
Arise for our children!
Arise for our heritage.
Be vigilant
Be ready.

Osita Nwokosisi

Commander 2 of ESN.

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