A new film, “The Plot Against the President,” examines the “slow-moving coup engineered by a coterie of the American establishment elite, targeting not only the president, but the whole country” when Democrats attempted to link President Trump’s campaign to Russia.

The movie Director,Amanda Milius blames the media for brainwashing Americans.

The documentary chronicles Rep. Devin Nunes as he “uncovered the operation” to bring down the Trump, but Milius maintains it’s not a partisan movie.



“The Plot Against the President” filmmaker Amanda Milius largely blames it on the media for “brainwashing” Americans with the Russian collusion narrative.

According to Fox News, Milius says “It’s really just about this incredible brainwashing that we all had to experience. The mainstream media was just really awful in this whole thing, basically they just discredited themselves,”.

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“The left wing media completely lost their mind and it’s really awful and has national security implications.”

Amanda Milius is an ex-Trump administration official at both the State Department and the White House. She has explained that government workers sometimes watch CNN and MSNBC and take the far-left commentators at their word.

“A lot of them go home and they would watch Rachel Maddow say that the president, their boss essentially, is a Russian asset and so, they’re sitting there in a hugely important national security role and they’re like ‘Oh I don’t have to listen to this person or any of his employees because it’s patriotic not to do what they say and not to follow the normal chain of command because Don Lemon told me he’s a Russian asset,’” she said. “That is a huge problem, it’s essentially a coup.”

According to the filmmaker, “The Plot Against the President” lays out the relationship between the intel agencies, “abusive” law enforcement agencies and elected officials who were all working hand in hand with the media.


“I think the media is the most to blame, but also those people are the most to blame, it kind of leaves it up to the audience to decide,” Milius said, noting that elected officials were feeding media members “incorrect information” to keep the story in the zeitgeist.

“No one believes anything that these people say anymore,” she said. “That’s a really big problem. We’ve basically had in four years, the decay of the media and the institutions that are supposed to keep us safe, that we’re supposed to have this faith in, and basically that’s the biggest damage.”

“The Plot Against the President” is based on Lee Smith’s best-selling 2019 book,

“The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”

Milius, the daughter of famed screenwriter and outspoken conservative John Milius, had left Hollywood to work for the Trump administration and had no desire to return to filmmaking until she realized her friend Smith’s book provided a unique look at the Russian probe.


“The Plot Against the President” is now streaming on Amazon PrimeVimeoMoviesPlus and specialproject.io.