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Facts & Figures: 21 Reasons Governor Yahaya Bello Stands Out.



The unusual emergence of a 40years old unusual Guy as the Chief Executive Officer superintending the unique State of Kogi from LUGARD HOUSE, Lokoja was a stunner. Yahaya Adoza Bello was in every mold different from the pack, having been in Politics for less than two years before he became the Governor of the Confluence State of Kogi, and that reality set the stage for an unusual protocol in governance.

Born on the 18th day of June, 1975 and sworn into office as the Executive Governor of Kogi State on the 27th day of January, 2016, the Youngman popularly referred to as GYB an acronym for Governor Yahaya Bello, is a true leader of men/women, a patriot and a credible manager of resources.

Vilified, lampooned, hated and castigated by the political establishment on account of his unusual emergence on our political kaleidoscope, GYB refused to join issues with his traducers but to silence his critics through unequaled service delivery. Harassed and harangued by Godfathers, he chose silence deciding to endear himself to all through responsible and responsive leadership. And troubled by career politicians at home and across the nation, he chose hard work over propaganda, and that is the enigma called GYB.

Understanding the enormous challenge on him being one of the foremost Youths in leadership, he refused to deploy propaganda in the discharge of his watch over Kogi State, but to speak through profound service delivery, and here we present the 21 things that qualify GYB for higher office, indeed the 21 REASONS GYB STANDS OUT.

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  1. GYB inherited a State that was largely divided on ethnic, religious and cultural grounds, but undeterred he chose to unite his people indiscriminate of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and multi-cultural tendencies of the State. The Igalas, Igbiras, Okuns, Owore, Owe et al found in this enigma a worthy son. This he did by locating infrastructures across the State, appointing the best hands indiscriminate of ethnic or religious differences, and being a Muslim he is the first Governor to build a CHAPEL for Christian worship in the Government House. GYB believes that though tongues, faith and tribes may differ that Kogi State is ONE. And he will replicate same in higher office.
  2. GYB has made Kogi the safest State in the North Central and indeed the entire North through the proactive cooperation of his government with all the layers of National Security and indeed the setting up of a very effective Kogi State Vigilante Service. The records are visible, that being the Confluence State and the doorway to the South from the North and vice versa, Kogi State today has the least tale of violent crimes, kidnappings and banditry, thanks to the Astute watch of GYB Governor Yahaya Bello (GIVE YOUR BEST), the one who GIVES HIS BEST.
  3. GYB is a bridge builder, he has seamlessly integrated both the OLD and the YOUNG in the governance of the State, little wonder Kogi has become a spectacle in peaceful coexistence. Nigeria has got something coming from this Youngman.
  4. GYB is an unblemished Patriot, he has in an uncommon way shown how doggedly he loves his people, Kogi State and indeed Nigeria by insisting that we interrogate the COVID19 pandemic, and stop the now prevalent copy and post approach to the scourge. He has spoken boldly against another possible lockdown of the economy because ‘we must first live to fight a disease’. And Kogi State has apparently remained COVID19 free because of the unusual approach of the State to the pandemic. GYB is a leader that thinks outside the Box, and a patriot per excellence, he is indeed one largely deserving of higher office.
  5. GYB inherited months of backlog of unpaid salaries in his first term for which he was largely lampooned, vilified, hated and castigated, but rather than fight or disparage his critics, he went to work, today Kogi State does not owe a worker, and today KOGI STATE effectively pays her pensioners.
  6. GYB’s State of Kogi leads the chart of States that has serviced and reduced her Local debts; indeed the Debt Management Office has it on record that Kogi State has recently reduced its local debts by a whooping 51Billion, and the State next on the Chart by about 20billion. The silent Achiever Governor Yahaya Bello has GOT YOUR BACK and he wants to do the same for Nigeria.
  7. GYB’s Kogi State led the pack in the total resources that accrued to the Nation during the last COVID19 lockdown because Kogi State maintained very minimal lockdown, and remains the State with the least COVID19 mention. GYB is a study in leadership, and a course in proactive and progressive service delivery. THINK GYB FOR NIGERIA.

This expose’ on the Youngman whose acronym GYB stands for GOT YOUR BACK, GIVE YOUR BEST and GROW YOUR BASE is the story of a leader with passion, competency and capacity, and one deserving of the trust of higher office.


Chabor Musa Nyamgul Jnr.


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National Library boss highlights gains of ISBN online registration



By Gistflash News

July 22, 2021

The Chief Executive Officer, National Library of Nigeria (NLN), Prof. Lenrie Aina, has advised publishers to embrace online registration of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Aina made the call on Thursday in Enugu, while addressing participants at a workshop for publishers from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu.

He said the two-day workshop was designed to train and guide publishers on how to obtain ISBN online.

According to him, it is an innovation by NLN to make the process of obtaining the number less cumbersome and stressful.
“We want to use the event to reawaken their consciousness.

“We also want to refresh their memories on the advantages of compliance with legal deposits obligations, observance of the international standards for publishing and the disadvantages of non-compliance,” Aina said.

He further said a review of the handbook on legal deposit and publishing standards would highlight the key point presented as information to publishers and authors.

Also, the Head of Enugu branch of NLN, Mrs Rachael Nebo, said the workshop was organised to sensitise publishers, authors, researchers, librarians and other stakeholders on best international standards.

Nebo described this year’s event as unique with the National Library going digital.

“As the world has gone digital, we are joining on what is happening so that it can be easier for the publishers to obtain ISBN from the comfort of their homes.

“We also gather here to discuss issues relating to adherence to publishing standard aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of the nation,” she said.

Nebo said the workshop had been rewarding since it was introduced in Enugu in 2017, considering the increase in ISBN registration.

She said the 2021 NLN workshop, which started in Katsina State, had taken place in six zones with their catchment states.

“We have eight zones mapped out for this sensitisation and participants are drawn from them.

“They will be taught and trained on the use of the newly deployed ISNB Processing App,” she further said.

In a goodwill message, the National President, Nigeria Publishers Association, Mr Uchenna Anioke, advised that the registration be made both manual and online.

According to him, the adoption of dual application is necessary due to the nature of the internet network in the country.

“Banks, for example,  sometimes will tell you there is no network or you experience situations where the ATM does not work.

“We do not want publishers to experience the same old stress trying to register online,” he said.

He commended NLN for organising the programme and urged the participants to take the lectures seriously.

A publisher, Mr Kenneth Chukwu, said the online application would be beneficial to them and thanked the Chief Librarian and NLN for the initiative.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that day one of the workshop dwelt on a review of legal deposit handbook, while day two was a demonstration of the online ISBN application.


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Teachers to soon bear Distinguished like senators – Don



By Gistflash News

June 30, 2021

Prof. Steve Nwokeocha of Sociology of Education, University of Calabar says plans are underway for teachers to bear the title “Distinguished” as borne by senators.

Nwokeocha, who is Executive Director, Academics, Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday.

He said that beyond the title Distinguished, teachers would also bear Beginner, Proficient and Mentor, adding that there were four stages.

According to him, it has been globally agreed for countries to come up with titles to reward excellence in the teaching profession as obtained in professions like Law and Medicine.

He said that the development, called “Career Path” simply referred to the stages that a teacher would pass through from point of entry to retirement.

Nwokeocha added that the decision was taken at the global level in view of the huge contribution the teaching profession had made with regard to human capital development and other forms of development.

“These are not salary grade levels stages but professional stages. The type you have in Law, where someone rises from being a lawyer to a Senior Advocate.

“It is the type you have in Medicine where someone rises from being a House Officer to being a Consultant.

“So, teaching is inventing its own stages that will ensure that teachers are adequately focused and prepared to progress professionally to a point we can call the person Distinguished.

“We have created four stages. The first one is Beginner, second is Proficient, Mentor and Distinguished.

“So, a time will come when you hear someone is Distinguished it is not only a senator, that person must be a teacher. This concept is not limited to Nigeria. It is global,” he said.

On concerns that the title Distinguished may cause confusion since senators were already bearing it, the don said, “the senators did not give birth to the word and there is no law that makes it their exclusive reserve.

“UNESCO has a global framework on this and many countries in Africa including Nigeria chose Distinguished.”

On argument in some quarters that the title of Doctor or Professor would suffice, he said, “it is not everybody that is a doctor because it is an academic qualification and professor is the highest rank in teaching.

“With the career path, what qualifies one is minimum qualification in teaching and other requirements.

“To qualify for the titles, there is professional standard, that the level of performance expected of teachers along the four stages.

“To be a Distinguished for instance, you must have worked for 15 to 20 years and accessed based on a higher level of competency.”

Nwokeocha, who is a member of the Executive Council of the World Body Regulating Teaching, said the move was to ensure that teachers were differentiated based on their skills, competencies, abilities and experiences.

He said that training of stakeholders in that regard had begun, adding that all state coordinators of the Teachers Registration Council  of Nigeria (TRCN) recently held a two-day workshop in Abuja on Career Path.

Nwokeocha said, “we were able to drive home this very noble idea to state coordinators of TRCN at the grassroots level.

“This is so that this message gets to the people that need it most, teachers throughout the 774 local government areas of Nigeria.”

He said that TRCN, the regulatory body in the teaching profession, had the mandate to award the titles.

In a separate interview, the Registrar of TRCN, Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, said the council was already working with relevant stakeholders to bring that to fruition.

Ajiboye said, “the TRCN is prepared to implement the new Teachers Career Path Policy.

“Presently, the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Dr Folashade Yemi-Esan has set up an implementation committee with the Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Education, Sonny Echono as Chairman.

“Other things the committee is saddled with, is the implementation of the President approved welfare package for Nigerian teachers, using the Career policy as one of the implementation templates.”

Ajiboye said that TRCN would work with stakeholders including state governments and Federal Capital Territory (FCT)for effective implementation.

He stressed that as soon as the Minister of Education, National Council on Education and National Council on Establishment approved the policy, TRCN would swing into action.


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Out-of-School Children: Nigeria has the highest number in sub-Saharan Africa – Minister



By Gistflash News

June 29, 2021

The Minister of State, Education, Mr Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, said that Nigeria has the highest number of Out-of-School Children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nwajiuba stated this during the inauguration of “Better Education Service Delivery For All (BESDA)”, in Katsina on Monday.

He announced that Nigeria has an estimated 10,193,918 children out school.

According to him, the current challenges affecting the Nigerian Education system has left much to be desired, saying that the system is characterised by high illiteracy level, infrastructural decay and deficits.

“We have inadequate number of qualified teachers, inadequate infrastructural facilities/resources and poor funding,” he added.

Nwajiuba congratulated the Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari, on his giant stride to reposition education in the state.

He said this is a clear demonstration of leadership quality and personal commitment to education as well as the passion to revitalize the educational sector in order to develop the abundant human capital of the state.

The minister stated that BESDA focuses on 17 states in the country, including all 13 states of the North-West and North-East geo-political zones, Niger, Oyo, Ebonyi and Rivers also included.

In his remarks, Gov. Masari commended the federal ministry of education and the universal basic education commission for their foresight and commitment in coming up with laudable programmes for the development of the education sector in particular and the development of Society in general.

The programme started in 2018.


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