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#EndSARS: Check out the New Demands of the Agitators



#EndSARS: Check out the New Demands of the Agitators

The #EndSARS agitators said the federal government must implement the demands in part A of the five-page document instantly or before October 31, while demands in part B should be implemented not later than six months from now.

The protesters, who have continued to maintain that they were decentralized and with no particular leader, issued the demands under the aegis of ‘#Taking Back Our Country’.

In the short term, the protesters made the following 15 demands:

  1. 30% increase in the salary of Police Officers from Police Recruit (Grade Level 1) to Cadet Inspector (Grade Level 7)
  2. Payment of N12Million compensation to each of the families of those killed by SARS/Police
  3. Judicial panel to investigate all cases of SARS/Police Brutality and recommend appropriate punishments for all erring officers.
  4. Total disbandment of SARS and sacking of all officers in the SARS unit of the Nigerian Police.
  5. Payment of 4 months’ salary to all the sacked but exonerated/guilt-free SARS officers.
  6. Total disbandment of the newly created SWAT unit by the Nigeria Police
  7. Unconditional release of all #EndSARS/#EndSWAT protesters detained by the Nigerian Police
  8. Government to foot the bill of all #EndSARS/#EndSWAT protesters injured by the Nigerian Police and pay a compensation of N1Million to each of them.
  9. Reduction in the salary and allowances (total package) of members of the State Houses of Assembly to N400,000 per month.
  10. Reduction in the salary and allowances (total package) of members of the National Assembly (both chambers) to N1Million per month.
  11. Minimum educational qualification requirements for political office aspirants:
    a. President/Vice President: BSc + Masters
    b. State Governor/Deputy Governor: BSc + Masters
    c. NASS members: BSc + Masters
    d. House of Assembly members: BSc + 1 professional qualification
    e. Federal Minister: BSc + Masters
    f. State Commissioner: BSc + 1 professional qualification
    g. Local Government Chairman/Vice Chairman: BSc
    h. Councillor: BSc                                                                                                                                                                                                     Minimum Work Experience requirements for political office holders (elected and appointive) : a. President/Vice President: 17 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)

b. State Governor/Deputy Governor: 15 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
c. NASS members: 12 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
d. House of Assembly members: 10 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
e. Federal Minister/appointee: 13 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
f. State Commissioner/appointee: 10 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
g. Local Government Chairman/Vice Chairman: 8 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)
h. Councillor: 6 years’ permanent job experience (public or private sector)

Maximum age for an aspirant to contest political office:
a. President/Vice President: 55 years
b. State Governor/Deputy Governor: 50 years
c. National Assembly: 45 years
d. State House of Assembly: 42 years
e. Local Government Chairman/Vice Chairman: 40 years
f. Councillor: 35 years

Maximum age of political appointees (i.e. Minister, Commissioner, SA, SSA, MD/CEO, DG, Ambassadors, Board Member, Executive Chairman etc.):
a. Federal appointee: 55 years
b. State/LGA appointee: 50 years
Maximum tenure of all elective political offices: 2 terms of 4 years each

Federal Government’s responsibilities:
a. Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy and Currency Management
b. Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs
c. Judiciary at all levels
d. National Security/Defence (Army, Navy, Air force and Police)
e. Interior services (Prisons, Immigration and NSCDC)
f. Aviation
g. Customs
h. National Infrastructure (Inter-State roads, Railways)
i. INEC/Elections

State Government’s responsibilities:
a. Economy
b. Health
c. Education
d. Agriculture
e. Any and all others outside the purview of the Federal Government

12. Revenue Sharing Formula:
a. Each State to control its natural resources and contribute 30% to the Federal Government
b. Federal Government to administer and fund its responsibilities with 70% of the revenue received from the States. 10% of the received funds to be redistributed to the states with emphasis on the economically disadvantaged states while the remaining 20% will fund FG-led infrastructure and intervention projects across the 36 states and the FCT.

13. Replacement of the bicameral with a unicameral legislature: A maximum of 2 elected officers/representatives from each state to sit part time at the NASS complex in Abuja.

14. Cleaning the Augean stable: All persons who have ever been elected or held office as Head of State, President, Vice President, Governors, Deputy Governors, NASS members and State House of Assembly members, Federal Ministers, State Commissioners and Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (Executive Chairman, DG, MD/CEO etc.) between 1960-2020 are banned forever from contesting any elective or holding any appointive political office in Nigeria.

15. All public office holders (elected and appointed) from the President to the Councillor and MDAs are prohibited from foreign medical trips. It is a criminal and impeachable offence with no immunity cover.

16.  The children of all public office holders (elected and appointed) from the President to the Councillor at the LGA level including MDAs are prohibited from schooling overseas and in private schools in Nigeria. They are only permitted to school in government-owned educational institutions in Nigeria. It is a criminal and impeachable offence with no immunity cover.

17. A special Commission to enforce the prosecution of offenders of Nos. 11 and 12 above should be created by legislation.

18. Comprehensive assessment of the functions/relevance of all MDAs should be conducted by a professional firm appointed by the State Governors and President at their respective levels. All MDAs found surplus to requirements should be scrapped with immediate effect at all levels (Federal and State).

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Enact anti-open grazing law or face mass protests worse than #EndSARS – NYP Speaker tells S/East Governors



The Honorable Speaker of Ndigbo Youth Parliament (NYP), Rt. Hon. Rikki Nwajiofor, bemoans the incessant attacks and killings of innocent Ndigbo in their own ancestral home by suspected armed herdsmen.

In his press statement made available to media houses on Saturday morning, Rikki Nwajiofor condemned the unabated attacks and killings going on in Igbo speaking states, orchestrated by the suspected armed herdsmen.

“I condemn, in its entirety, the incessant attacks of the armed herdsmen in Igbo speaking states and Nigeria at large. These unabated attacks often result to gruesome murder and heartless maiming of innocent citizens in their ancestral homes. Helpless farmers are murdered in their farms and innocent citizens are sent to early graves while in their sleep. This is highly condemnable and can no longer be condoned.”

The Hon. Speaker of Ndigbo Youth Parliament went further to commiserate with the families of the innocent citizens that were slain in Nsukka and Ebonyi state, respectively, by suspected herdsmen. He berated the Governor of Enugu state for his utter silence in the presence of such a heinous act in his state.

“I wish to condole with the families of all those who lost their lives in the hands of the enemies of peace – the armed herdsmen. Such a bereavement comes with excruciating pain and the scars left behind are indelible. We ask the Almighty God to heal the wounds in your heart and grant you the fortitude to bear the irreparable losses as we hope that the souls of the slain will find rest in the bosom of the Lord.

“It is quite heartrending that those we elected to lead us and watch over us, as the Chief Security Officers of our states, have abandoned us to our fate. It is quite appalling and inhumane for the Governor of Enugu state, Rt. Hon. Ugwuanyi, to keep mute in the presence of such heinous act perpetrated in his state and worst still in his Nsukka homestead. How do we explain this? What is the silence for? Is he not perturbed by the devilish activities of these heartless armed herdsmen? This is a clear indication that Enugu state is helpless, security-wise.”

Rt. Hon. Nwajiofor stated that Ndigbo Youths can no longer fold their arms and watch intruders invade their ancestral homes to murder their people.

“I wish to let the world know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Ndigbo Youth are not weaklings neither are we cowards. We are simply Youths of honour who believe in the sanctity of human life and in the sacrosanct nature of human blood. However, you cannot beat a child and ask him not to cry. You cannot push a man to the wall and expect him not to bounce back. It is only a tree that knows it will be cut down and it still stands where it is planted, without doing anything. Ndigbo Youth can no longer fold our arms and watch marauders invade our ancestral homes and murder our people, unabated. No ethnic group has a monopoly of violence! It will no longer be condoned!

“Since our elected political elites have sold their birthrights and consciences for a plate of porridge, seeking political recognition for 2023 and abandoned us to our fate, we shall take our fate in our hands and defend ourselves by all means. We have been law abiding and have been working assiduously for the unity of this Nation but all we get in return is utter marginalization and unwarranted attacks by armed herdsmen. Our farmers can no longer go to farms as the armed herdsmen have taken over our farmlands, forcefully. It is time to resist and uproot the marauders and enemies of a peaceful Nigeria.

“Nigeria does not belong to a particular set of people; Nigeria belongs to all of us and no one can subdue Ndigbo Youth. No one can sit on our heads and balance well. If our elected government cannot save our lives, we shall save our lives in our own way!”

Hon. Rikki Nwajiofor concluded by giving ultimatum to the Governors and the State House of Assembly in all the Igbo speaking states to urgently enact Anti open grazing law or face mass protests from Ndigbo Youths. According to the Hon. Speaker, the protest will be worse than End SARS protest.

“Ndigbo Youth are giving all the Governors, and the state house of Assembly, of all the Igbo speaking states an ultimatum to urgently enact Anti Open Grazing Law in their various states. This ultimatum has a time frame of 3 months. If in the next 3 months there is no enacted law prohibiting open grazing in all the Igbo speaking states, there will be a heavy protest by all Ndigbo Youth across the states. This time, the protest will be more demanding and worse than End SARS protest.

“Failure to enact a law prohibiting open grazing will be a clear indication to Ndigbo Youth that you all have sold us out and no longer care for the safety of our lives and the lives of our parents. In that case, we shall be left with no option than to take laws into our hands. Do not dare the Youth any longer; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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Police arrest comedian, Mr Macaroni, 23 others at Lekki tollgate, seize protesters’ phones



Police Has Began Brutalizing #Occupylekki Protesters, beat and arrested about 23 Protesters so far.

Gistflash gathered that no fewer than 23 protesters have been arrested by security operatives at the Lekki toll of the coordinators of #OccupyLekkiTollgate has said.

Kunle Ajayi told our correspondent that the protesters were detained in a black maria and are about to be taken to an unknown location.

According to Eyewitnessgist, the popular comedian, Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr Macaroni and about 22 others have been arrested at the Lekki toll gate.

Gistflash gathered that the comedian who joined other protesters at the tollgate to express his dissatisfaction with the decision of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry allowing the Lekki Concession Company to reopen the Lekki tollgate on Saturday, was arrested after the police told him “we don’t want you here”.

In a Live Instagram before his phone and those of other arrested protesters were seized, the comedian lamented that “Lekki is under military rule.”

He said, “How did you think the reopening of tollgate is the next line of action? If you didn’t do that today, we won’t have a right to be here.

“It is a disrespect to say that you want to reopen at this tollgate. Are you spitting on the graves of the dead?

“Na military regime we dey? We also have a right to be heard. We have a right to protest peacefully.”

Another protester, Joseph Seye, said, “I am an artist. I am not a criminal. I came here to protest. It is my right. It is not a crime to protest. Why are the government treating youths this way?”

No fewer than 23 protesters have been arrested during the ongoing protest at the Lekki toll gate on Saturday.

The Federal Government and the police had earlier warned youths who planned to protest at the Lekki tollgate on Saturday (today) to have a rethink and shelve the protest.

The other group, #DefendLagos withdrew from the protest, noting that it was in accordance with the government’s directives that no protest should hold.

The #EndSARS Season 2 and #OccupyLekkiTollgate said their action was informed by the decision of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry allowing the Lekki Concession Company to reopen the Lekki tollgate.

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#EndSARS: Nigerian Army disbands legal team investigating Lekki Tollgate Shooting after more evidences shows up



The Nigerian Army has disbanded its legal team and also pulled out of investigative hearing of the Lagos State Judicial Panel investigating the shooting of #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020.

Making the announcement on Saturday January 30 after more evidences backed claims of Nigerian soldiers shooting peaceful protesters at the tollgate, a member of the army counsel, S.N. Agwhe notified the Panel of Akinlolu Kehinde, head of the army legal team submitting a memo about the disbandment.

Agwhe said;

“We do not have any further mandate to represent the army in any subsequent proceedings.”

The panel chairman Doris Okuwobi who commented on the development warned the Nigerian army that they can’t claim denial of fair hearing when the panel submits its findings to the government.

This is however coming after Doctor at Reddington Hospital testified to treating victims from the #EndSARS protest with bullet wounds on October 20, 21 and 22.

Also Read:

Dr Babajide Lawson disclosed that the hospital witnessed a ‘mass casualty’ that overwhelmed their facilities because a lot of people with varying degrees of gunshot wounds were being brought into the hospital for treatment on October 20 and days after it.


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