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“Bandits won’t surrender if they don’t feel safe” – Sheikh Gumi proposes amnesty for bandits



Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi has said bandits will not let go of their arms if they are not assured of their safety and rehabilitation.

Gumi said this on Wednesday, March 24, during a virtual event hosted by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.


The meeting was organised to discuss Nigeria’s security challenges.


Speaking, the cleric said he sees no reason why the government should not dialogue with the bandits who are willing to negotiate.


He said: “Nobody can justify criminality, what we are saying is what we saw in the forest is an ethnic war going on between people in the forest and the neighboring villages and hamlets. When the herder felt he has grievances and nobody was listening to him, he took on weapons.


“So when we went there and they saw a listening ear, they were ready to negotiate, tell us their grievances, and ready to incorporate into the society.  So in such a case, I see no reason why we should not have a dialogue with them.”


According to The Cable, the cleric added that if they are not shown that they’ll be safe when reintegrated into the society, they will continue to carry arms.


The cleric further stated that they should be given amnesty the same way the Niger Delta militants were granted amnesty.


He said: “Looking at their educational status, they don’t have any official or unofficial education. How can a nation which is serious about security leave a chunk of its society so uneducated, leave it to arms and drugs? I don’t think that society is serious. How can we disperse them, rehabilitate them because they are holding arms to protect themselves.

“If you don’t show them they’re safe in the larger society, there’s no way they can leave their weapon. And that’s why we asked for amnesty for them just like we had in the Niger Delta.


“I’m not justifying their kidnapping, what they do is crime. But their kidnapping is to get more money to buy more weapons so that they can protect themselves.”

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John Magufuli’s Death: The lessons for Nigerian leaders



JOHN Magufuli, president of Tanzania died a few weeks ago and it is taking the whole of Africa a long time to come to grips with his death.

It is like a bad dream; many of us are yet to come to terms that he died of natural causes.

Here was a man who was full of life, executing his duties with zeal and passion, taking on the super powers in all ramifications, suddenly going down with a strange illness that finally consumed him.

The establishment people among us will say that this is natural, but for a man that had his private physician at his beck and call, such sudden heart attacks are not normal, unless there were inherent or prevailing ailments which were not made known to the public.

In this day and age, when peopled can be killed without trace of the murder weapon, the death of Magufuli will remain a mystery. We have seen the elimination of progressive African leaders in the past and this one will rank as one of them.

Before now there were Sylvanus Olympio 1963, Thomas Sankara 1987, Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Amilcar Cabral of Guinea-Bissau and many others too numerous to mention here.

The purpose of this piece is to highlight the impact Magufuli was able to make within a few years in power.

It is my humble opinion that if African leaders can replicate his methodology, it will not be long before our long-expected economic liberation will be accomplished.

This was a man who went into government with clear-cut ideas about what to do. According to Professor P.L.O. Lumumba, “politics is the competition of ideas”.

In this case, ideas that can be put into practice to move society forward. Ideas are not static or permanent, they are subject to vagaries and dynamics of life; that is why the late President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania said: “When you make mistakes, you can correct them”; an idea that is no longer relevant to the growth of society, should not be encouraged by anyone in position of leadership.

When you are in position of leadership and you are not governed by relevant ideas, you tend to go round in circles and in the short run, your failure will be exposed to the world.

This is a man who came to power as President of Tanzania, barely a year after our own Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as Nigerian president.

But five years after, what can we say about our situation in Nigeria and what can we tell about Tanzania?

In this period, Magufuli was able to bring his country’s economy from the bottom to a middle income economy, while that of Nigeria went into recession several times and indeed, lost its position as the biggest economy in Africa.

Not only that, Nigeria was able to firmly establish itself as the country with the highest number of poor people in the world.

The difference is very clear, but some of us will always come out to defend this position with the fact that Nigeria is not Tanzania and begin to give excuses on why this is so.

A leadership that focuses on excuses will never get things done, because it loses direction and offers faults instead of solutions.

When you have a mandate deprived of excuses, you will come up with solutions, no matter the situation and the interesting thing about this is that, the solutions will be local.

Let us, for example, note how Magufuli moved his nation from economic doldrums just by applying home- grown solutions.

He came up with a policy that makes it compulsory for all minerals extracted in the land to be used as raw materials in local manufacturing. Raw materials can only be taken out of the country on the express permission of the Predidency.

And, to give bite to this law, raw materials billed for export were impounded at the port of Dar es Salaam and the whole world took notice.

If this law is enacted in Nigeria and faithfully applied, there is no way we would be importing petroleum products into this country because we have the raw materials and the capacity, but lack the political will to execute such policy.

If we want to run the NNPC mainly on the basis of merit, this position can be accomplished in less than two years; but do we have the will?

When you site the refineries at the point of drilling the oil, why would you have crude oil pipeline sabotage? Magufuli banned foreign trips for his government officials and used the proposed money to rehabilitate the health sector.

He abolished tax exemptions for ministers; but, here in Nigeria, how do our government appointees behave? With over bloated numbers of aides, fleet of cars in garages, all at government expenses, how do you expect government to be productive?

People say that President Buhari is not after wealth, that he has always lived frugally; but, as President of Nigeria since 2015, we have not seen such display of frugality in spending at the presidential level, and this had emboldened the National Assembly leadership to toe in his steps.

Imagine if government decides to cut drastically on its spending, what benefit that will bring to the country’s economy? Magufuli fined illegal miners to the tune of 193 million Tanzanian shillings for under-valuing Tanzania gold export and seized 250 containers at the port. The British- owned company was forced to give away 16 percent shares of the company to the government of Tanzania.

In Nigeria, everyone is depending on Niger Delta oil, while foreign elements and greedy Nigerians collaborate to export valuable raw materials out of the country, with government officials and security agencies looking the other way.

These raw materials are what Magufuli used to build the Tanzania economy.

In Nigeria, we allow foreigners and bandits to take control of the business; meanwhile, the states are unable to pay the minimum wage for workers.

We have raw materials in abundance: gold, tin, copper, bauxite, silver, steel and so many more, waiting to be tapped; but no one in government is interested, as long as the Abuja allocation is guaranteed.

In Nigeria, people are killing themselves, while security officials remain aloof.

Magufuli reduced his cabinet size from 30 to 19; in Nigeria the figure is increasing. He rejected a $10 billion loan from China because the conditions attached to it are inimical to the progress of his country.

In Nigeria we are insatiably going after the Chinese loans, no matter the conditions attached to them; we cannot build railways without Chinese loans.

Magufuli was able to build railways, hydro power stations, LNG plants, bridges, wind farm projects, gold refinery plant, expanded park projects, executed free education for public schools, and many more, without collecting any foreign loan.

He called the bluffs of super powers, Britain and China; all he did to move the country forward was to block the drain pipes and tapped on the potentials in the country.

He stood alone and fearless against the forces of darkness; he sacrificed self for Tanzania; he banned all illicit and explicit videos from Tanzania online space; and despite all of these, he made his Tanzania a middle income country.

Unfortunately, while he was doing these things, no African leader openly supported him; I guess for fear of losing on their loan deals and others.

I really wish that the African continent can have more Magufulis, so that in no distant time, we will be able to contest with the best in the world.

Our leadership must wake up. Professor Lumumba calls it the “magulification of Africa”; that is, to bring political hygiene into governance in Africa.

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NAPS in Partnership with Domak Group Limited Launch Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme (NPSHIS)




Press Statement

Solidarity greetings from National Association Of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) , I welcome you all to this World Press Conference today 8th March 2022 in Ibadan where the Leadership of NAPS in Partnership with Domak Group Limited will be Unveiling the Reality of Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme (NPSHIS).


Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme was born out of passion to secure the Future of the Polytechnic Students in Nigeria by Investing in Real Estate Business, knowing fully well that Real Estate is one of the sure Contributor to the Economy of the Country.

In 1992 Federal Government launched  an Housing Scheme call Home Savings Scheme, which was design for Civil Servant alone.

After a Critical research of the Success and Failure of all the Federal Government Housing Scheme since 1992 till now, the Leadership of National Association Of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) in Partnership with Domak Group Limited come up with a better idea for the entire Polytechnic Students in Nigeria, that will give Every Polytechnic Students access to a Land Property in the State of Choice across the 36 States and FCT.


In the Pursuit of Better Opportunity For the Polytechnic Students in Nigeria by the Leadership of NAPS,the Idea of creating an Housing Investment Scheme was born  which will allow Students to Invest in Real Estate by Buying a Plot of Land or More with  daily ,Weekly or Monthly Contributions.

When you buy this Land, you can decide to build in the nearest Future or Re sell back,we all know that Land doesn’t depreciate rather appreciate at all times.

The Leadership of National Association Of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) negotiate with Domak Group Limited to give Opportunity to the Polytechnic Students to have a Land Property by allowing Soft payment for the Students such as a daily Contributions of 350 naira,2450 naira weekly, or 9800 naira Monthly, it depends on your Financial Capacity, this Mode of Payment will allow all Levels of Financial Strength to Participate and Have a Land with easy.

Prior before we met Domak Group Limited, we have reached out to different Real Estate Company,but the Project is Highly Capital Intensive which made most of those Real Estate Company to declined our Proposal, the idea is too strange for a Natural Mind to Conceive or Accept,  we met with Domak Group Limited sometimes in December 2020 and tendered the Idea with  Amazement to us this Idea was brushed up and Packaged to suit all levels of Financial Muscle of Polytechnic Students in Nigeria,  Domak Group Limited went ahead to acquired  thousands of Hectars of Lands for this Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme, it’s so amazing, we have Visited the Site and it’s very Massive, unbelievable, with all Sincerity of Heart, I must Commend the CEO and Entire Management of Domak Group Limited for their Passion and Commitment towards the Reality of this Project and Love Shown in Helping Nigerian Polytechnic Students, we have never had this Way before.

This Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme is First of it Kind in Sub Sahara Africa, it’s First of it Kind in Nigeria, it’s First of it’s Kind in the Students Movement.

The Platform has been Unveiled Sometimes Last week and Polytechnic Students has started registering and Subscribing.


I can assure you that as a Polytechnic Students , your Future is Secure with Domak Group Limited,a Very realiable Real Estate Company with Passion to change the Narrative of Nigerian Students .

This Project aims is to curb the Social Vices among the Students, to correct the impression of how will the Future look like after graduation.

With this Scheme you can secure your Future while you are still an Undergraduate.

Domak Shelter is a Big and Reliable Real Estate and Investment Company in Nigeria, a reputable company with Passion to create Platform to empower Nigerian Students and Youth.

Every arrangements has been Seal, the Site has been inspected which can accommodate 2Million Polytechnic Students, mode of payment and Registration is online,at the First Subscription you are entitle to Allocation Certificate and  at the Completion of the Subscription which is within two years ,you will be given all the documents that has to do with your Land.

The First Face of this Nigerian Polytechnic Students Housing Investment Scheme is between Abuja/Nassarawa State.

As National President of National Association be Polytechnic Students (NAPS) have registered and also Subscribed by making the First Payment which I choose weekly payment for a Plot of Land Size 350square meters, the weekly Payment is 2450 which I’m going to be paying between now and two years.

This Housing Investment Scheme is For all Students in Polytechnic, Monotechnic and every other Allied Institution Awarding OND and HND.

You can register and Subscribe now through the Platform Created by Domak Group Limited.

I welcome you all to the Future .

Aluta Continua……. Victoria Ascerta.

Comrade Olalere Benedict Adetunji

The Global President

National Association Of Polytechnic Students (NAPS)


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Bluecheek Picture’s Film: The Official Trailer of the Movie “The Passport”



Official Trailer for Bluecheek Picture?s Film ?The Passport? starring Biola Adebayo, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Dapo Opayinka, Bimpe Oyebade, Toyin Moore

Bluecheek Pictures has released the official trailer to its upcoming movie, THE PASSPORT (Àwòrán Pélébé).

The Passport is the story of four friends, whose life handed a curved ball after successfully graduating from the university.

In the quest of finding a better life for themselves, they met with “fate“ and their story took a dramatic turn but at what cost?

The new flick is a production of Bluecheek Pictures was shot both in Nigeria and United Kingdom. It was produced and directed by Toyin Moore Films Production.

The Cast:

Biola Adebayo, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Dapo Opayinka, Adebimpe Oyebade, Omowunmi Ajiboye, Toyin Moore, Femi Obimodede, Peters Ijagbemi, Ebun Oloyede, Olaiya Igwe,
Taiwo Aminat Adelana, Tiya, Judith Madojemu Bare, Michael Oshin,
Tunde Komolafe, Owolabi Ajasa Olopa, Ijaduade Abolaji, Olayimika Adesipe,
Nike Hamzah, Afolashade Omodesire, Ishau Abidemi, Ifedayo Rufai


Packaged and coordinated by Olakunle Olabode

Director NG: Tunde Komolafe
Director UK: Toyin Moore

DOP UK: Dwayne Josephs

DOP NG: Kehinde Opeifa

Continuity: Yemi Yusuf

Photographer UK: Chima Okafor

Producer: Toyin Moore

Executive Producer: Dapo Opayinka

Media Partner: @nollytrailers @nollytrailerstv

Story by : Dapo Opayinka

Story Developed by : Toyin Moore

Screenplay by : Tunde Komolafe.

Packaged by : Olakunle Olabode

Production Manager – Femi Obimodede



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